Swimming Pool Permit

A zoning permit must be obtained for any swimming pool which is permanently affixed to the ground and has a water depth of 18-inches or deeper. Specific regulations for such pools can be found in Article 17, Section 1709 of the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution. Please note that while Delaware County Code Compliance accepts automatic pool covers in lieu of a fence for access control, the Township currently does not. Any pool requiring a zoning permit must provide the required fence specified within the Zoning Resolution.

The following types of swimming pools do not require zoning permits and are not required to adhere to the standards set forth in Article 17, Section 1709 of the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution:

  • Pools which are not permanently affixed to the ground
  • Pools with a water depth of less than 18-inches
  • Hot tubs and other similar types of spa pools with lockable cover
Individuals living within a homeowner's association should always check with their association prior to installing a swimming pool of any type to verify it is permitted. Some associations have additional restrictions or prohibitions regarding pools, especially above-ground pools.

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