Zoning Commission

Zoning Commission
Applications for re-zonings and final development plans require a recommendation from the Township's Zoning Commission and approval by the Township's Board of Trustees. Amendments to final development plans are reviewed by the Zoning Commission and may require approval by the Board of Trustees.

The Zoning Commission (ZC) consists of five regular members and two alternate members who are citizens of the Township; appointed by the Township Trustees to make recommendations regarding future zoning and development. The Commission may approve, deny or recommend modifications of an application to the Board of Trustees for their final determination, except as otherwise provided in the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution.
The Zoning Commission holds regular public meetings every month:
Name Term Expiration
Mark Antonetz 3/31/2021
Sandra Faulkner 3/31/2020
David Leff 3/31/2023
Charles Moore, Alternate 3/31/2020 
Tara Paciorek 3/31/2022
Sara Walsh 3/31/2024
Chip Welch, Alternate 3/31/2021 
Joe Shafer, Director of Development and Zoning n/a

If you are a Township resident and are interested in serving on the Zoning Commission, please submit a completed application online.