Fire Department

Call or text 9-1-1 in an emergency

Calls are Dispatched by Delaware County 
Chief Joseph Ponzi

Non-Emergency Fire Station Office
Non-Emergency Dispatch
Responding 24/7
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Mission Statement

To promote fire safety awareness in the Township and respond in times of fire, accident or other emergency to preserve lives, property and the environment.

Highly trained firefighter/paramedics are deployed from one strategically positioned fire station. The Department is fully equipped with three engines, two medic vehicles, a water rescue boat and hazardous materials decontamination trailer. The primary response area is 21.5 square miles and provides aid to eleven neighboring communities.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are fireworks permitted in the Township?

Genoa Township follows state law regarding the use of fireworks. Read the State Fire Marshal's explanation of the law.

Open Burning (trash/leaves/etc)

Can I burn anything other than fire wood on my property?

Burning is very limited by the Ohio EPA.  The burning of brush, leaves, trash, and construction debris is not permitted for most locations within the Township.  Permitted fires include recreational and cooking fires that are smaller than 3'x3'x3' using seasoned firewood only. 

Engine Visits & Station Tours

Will the Fire Department bring a truck to a community event, block party, or birthday?

Yes. Genoa firefighters are willing to help celebrate special occasions provided they do not interfere with their duties. Be aware that if there is an emergency, firefighters may not be able to attend an event as originally scheduled.  Please call the fire station at (614) 568-2040 for more information.

Station tours are also available with advance arrangements.

Car Seat Inspection

Do you offer car seat inspections?

Genoa Township partners with Delaware General Health District to periodically offer car seat inspections. Click for more information.

Emergency Communication 

How can I be alerted about local emergencies?

Residents are encouraged to register online at to receive county issued emergency alerts for severe weather as well as other important messages such as gas leaks, criminal activity and more via text, phone or email.

Fire Alarms

I have high ceilings and cannot reach my smoke detector. Can you offer assistance?

In an effort to prevent falls, the Fire Department will assist with testing and changing batteries for residents. Please call the Fire Department at 614-568-2040 to request assistance.