Fire/Rescue/EMS Advisory Committee

Fire/Rescue/EMS Advisory Committee

The Citizen's Fire/Rescue/EMS Advisory Committee provides ongoing feedback and guidance to the Department on topics such as  equipment, training and community concerns.  Review meeting minutes for this committee online here.

The group meets at 7:00pm the first Tuesday every other month at the Fire Station located at 7049 Big Walnut Road, Galena, Ohio 43021. Remaining meetings for 2018 are as follows:

- October 2, 2018
- December 4, 2018

Name Term Expiration
Jill Carfagna 3/31/2020
James Kresge 3/31/2020
Deb Lindblom 3/31/2020
John McHale 3/31/2020
Stephen Rike 3/31/2020
Jodie Streeter 3/31/2020
Mike Wallace 3/31/2020
Brandy Lomo 3/31/2021
George Schultz 3/31/2021
Renee Vaughan 3/31/2021
Ray Welty 3/31/2021
Connie Goodman Trustee Liaison
Gary Honeycutt, Fire Chief (non-voting)

New members are recruited and appointed annually.  Township residents interested in serving a board, committee or commission may submit an 
application and a resume at anytime to be kept on file and considered for appointment at the next opportunity.