Police Advisory Committee

The Police Advisory Committee provides ongoing feedback and guidance to the Department on topics such as  equipment, training and community concerns.  Review meeting minutes online here.

Normally this group meets on the second Wednesday of every other month at 7:00pm the police station. The committee has scheduled its 2023 meetings for the following dates:  January 11th, March 8th, May 10th, July 12th, September 13th, and November 8th

Name Term Expiration
Dan Edwards 3/31/2025
Melanie Amato 3/31/2024
Jedidiah Bressman 3/31/2024
Patrick Kellum 3/31/2025
Philip Binkley 3/31/2025
Kevin Hankins 3/31/2025
Aimee Haley 3/31/2024
Charles Carroll 3/31/2025
James G. Randas 3/31/2026
Brad Houston 3/31/2026
Mark Meador 3/31/2024
Emily Pelphrey 3/31/2024
Tobias Gordon 3/31/2025
Catherine Nelson 3/31/2025
Donald Schwind 3/31/2025
Connie Goodman Trustee liaison 
Stephen Gammill, Police Chief (non-voting)

New members are recruited and appointed annually.  Township residents  interested in serving a board, committee or commission may submit an application and a resume at anytime to be kept on file and considered for appointment at the next opportunity.