Citizen Request Center

This service is for non-emergency requests. For emergencies, call 911.

Follow the guidelines below to send issues to the responsible department: 

  • Administrator: All
  • Communication: Newsletters, website, social media
  • Development & Zoning: Zoning enforcement; tall grass complaint; junk complaint; zoning concern
  • Fire (non-emergency): Hydrant leaking or in need of repair; CPR instruction; adoption, foster care or childcare inspections
  • Parks: Graffiti removal; restroom, shelter, playground, pond, or trail maintenance concern
  • Police (non-emergency): Traffic concerns, crime tips, etc.
  • Recycling/Trash: Vendor (Rumpke) complaint; replacement recycling container request
  • Roads: Dead animals, obstruction, drainage issue or tree removal within the right of way; potholes on Township roads; road Signage; snow/ice removal; plow damage to mailbox.
  • Trustees: All

NOTE: All submissions could be subject to release upon the proper submission of a request for public records pursuant to O.R.C. Section 149.43, Ohio's Public Records Act.