Genoa Township receives the vast majority of its revenue funding from property taxes assessed by the Delaware County Auditor and collected by the Delaware County Treasurer.
Genoa Township is divided into three primary taxing districts corresponding to the three school districts located in Genoa. Unlike various municipalities and school districts in Ohio, townships are not statutorily permitted to enact an income tax.
For 2017, Genoa Township’s combined effective tax millage rate before the calculation of any property tax credits was $12.15 per $1,000 of assessed property tax valuation (not market valuation).
  property tax chart
  1. Big Walnut School District also imposes an additional 0.75% school district income tax.

  2. Genoa township's combined property tax millage is allocated to support the Police, Fire, EMS, Roads & Bridges, Zoning, Parks, and Administration Departments.