Genoa Township residents do not pay a separate income tax; however, property taxes are divided to support  the following entities:

  • School districts (Big Walnut, Olentangy or Westerville)
  • Township services (police, fire and EMS, roads and bridges, general fund)
  • Delaware County services (Seniors, Health Distirct, Mental Health, County bond, general fund, permanent improvements)
  • Libraries (Delaware, Westerville or Sunbury)
  • Other tax levies as passed by voters (911, Preservation Parks, Delaware Area Career Center)

Depending upon address, each property within the Township is separated into one of three tax districts that correspond with the three school districts covering the area.  Estimated total real estate taxes paid on a property with a market value of  $300,000 are as follows within each tax district*:

  Tax District 15 Big Walnut $4986  53.3659 Mills
             Tax District 16 Olentangy $6836 76.9977 Mills
  Tax District 17 Westerville $6998 75.2962 Mills
  *Amounts generated in June 2018 using the Delaware County Auditor Tax Estimator.

The charts below provide a detailed view of how property taxes collected in each district are divided (2017 data provided by the Delaware County Auditor). 

tax dollar breakdown