Genoa Township owns and maintains four cemeteries that hold important historical significance to the community. Artificial flowers are prohibited during from April 1 through November 1 of each year as they interfere with the regular mowing and upkeep of the cemeteries.  Flags are placed by the Township on all veteran graves annually on Memorial Day.

For additional information, please contact the Maintenance Department at 614-568-2080.  
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Burnside Cemetery

Historic Burials:
Richard Closson 
Revolutionary War veteran

Bixbe Rogers 
Revolutionary War veteran, served under General George Washington at Trenton, New Jersey in 1777 as Private from Connecticut

Notes: A portion of Burnside Cemetery consists of graves that were originally located in Nutt Cemetery, a burial ground formerly located on the eastern side of Sunbury Road, north of County Line Road. These graves were relocated to Burnside in the 1950's to construct Hoover Reservoir.

Copeland Cemetery

Located at the west end of Yankee Street, approximately 100 feet off of the south side of the road.

Historic Burials:
Eleazer Copeland
War of 1812 veteran, early Township Clerk, and likely cemetery namesake.

Marcus Curtiss
Early settler who constructed the historic Curtiss Inn home which still stands on Sunbury Road, early Township Trustee.

Diadatus Keeler
Early settler who constructed the historic Keeler home which still stands on Sunbury Road.

Rev. John Williams
Revolutionary War veteran, served as a private in the Continental Line and as a Chaplain under the command of Nathan Perry, one of the first, if not the first settlers of the Township.

Red Bank Cemetery 

Historic Burials:
Elisha Bennett
Revolutionary War veteran, seved in the New York Navy, suggested the name Genoa for the Township to honor the hometown of explorer, Christopher Columbus

Oliver Bennett
Revolutionary War veteran, served as a Private under Colonel Zebulon Butler

Fulkard Sebring
Revolutionary War veteran, served as a Private in the Bucks County (Pennsylvania) militia under Captains Paul Kester and Henry Dorrock

Tussic Street Cemetery

Located on the western side of Tussic Street Road across from Park Bend Drive.