Population (Census): 24,8061

Population (Projection): 26,2602

Households: 8,7911

Median Household Income: $129,5223

Median Home Value
: $332,5003

1 2020 U.S. Census
Delaware County Regional Planning Commission Projection for 2021
3 ACS 2018 5-Year Estimates

In 2016 the zip codes that encompass Genoa Township were ranked the number one and two "Millionaire Neighborhoods" by Columbus Business First.  Again in 2019, Columbus Business First research showed Genoa Township zip code 43021 was ranked first in central Ohio as the "Wealthiest Zip Code" (ranked by median household income) and 43082 was ranked third. In 2023, Genoa Township zip codes (43082 and 43021) were ranked 5th and 1st for the "Most Expensive Zip Codes in Central Ohio". 

Detailed, up-to-date data for, both, Genoa Township and Delaware County, can be obtained from the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission.

The Delaware General Health District has summarized other useful data points in the Genoa Township Community Profile