Golf Cart Inspection

Ohio Revised Code 4511.215 authorizes the local authorities (Genoa Township Trustees) to permit and regulate the use of under-speed, utility vehicle or mini-truck including private golf carts upon public streets owned and maintained by Genoa Township. 

In 2017, the communities of Highland Lakes (North) and Medallion Estates requested and were granted permission by the Board of Trustees to allow private golf carts to operate on specific, public roadways within each community. 

Before operating a golf cart on an authorized Genoa Township roadway, the vehicle must be inspected by the Genoa Township Police Department per Ohio Revised Code 4513.02.  The vehicle must meet the standards set in Ohio Revised Code 4501.30.02 and documented using the Ohio Department of Public Safety inspection form.  To request an inspection email Officer Miller

Each vehicle must successfully pass the required vehicle inspection performed by Genoa Township prior to obtaining certificate of title and registration from the State of Ohio BMV.

Resolution to allow golf carts (original)
Resolution to allow golf carts (amended) for Highland Lakes
Resolution to allow golf carts (Medallion Estates)
Resolution to allow golf carts (Willow Bend- June 1, 2023)

  • Golf carts are considered motor vehicles and must follow all traffic laws. Drivers of golf carts can be ticketed for traffic offenses.  
  • Drivers must be licensed. 
  • An open container of alcohol in a golf cart, on a public roadway is illegal. 
  • No golf carts are permitted on Township trails and sidewalks. 
  • It is not recommended to pass another vehicle, including golf carts.   
Golf Cart Permitted Roadways: