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Permits, Applications, and Forms

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  • Development & Zoning

Administrative Appeal

Submit to appeal a final interpretation and/or administration of the Zoning Resolution in accordance with Section 306 and Ohio Revised Code 519.15. This application is heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Agricultural Exemption

Inform the Township that you are establishing an exempt agricultural (agriculture, farm market, and/or agritourism) use and/or structure as further defined within the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution and the Ohio Revised Code 519.01 and 519.21. Read More
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Boards, Committees, & Commissions Appointment Application

Genoa Township has active boards, commissions, and committees providing regular citizen input into policy and decision-making.  Appointees are a vital link between the Board of Trustees and the Township’s residents.  Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Certificate of Compliance Application

Before any building may be occupied and/or utilized, it is necessary for the Development and Zoning Department to verify it is built in accordance with the Zoning Resolution and the approved zoning permit. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Change of Use Application

When a business wishes to relocate to Genoa Township, a Change of Use Permit is required prior to taking occupancy. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Conditional Use Application

Propose a Conditional Use, as defined and regulated in the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution, to be considered by the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) during a scheduled public hearing. Read More
  • Other

Employment Application

Apply to work for Genoa Township, Ohio.  Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Final Development Plan/Plan Amendment Application

Final Development Plans and requests to amend them generally require review by the Zoning Commission and possibly the Board of Trustees.  Read More
  • Police

Golf Cart Inspection

Before operating a golf cart on an authorized Genoa Township roadway, the vehicle must be inspected by the Genoa Township Police Department per Ohio Revised Code 4513.02.   Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Home Occupation Statement

Inform the Township that you are operating a home-based business in compliance with Section 1708.01 of the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Non-Residential Application

Complete this permit when planning for any non-residential construction such as a store, restaurant, educational facility, etc. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Residential Improvement Permit

Complete the Residential Improvement Permit prior to beginning construction on an addition, accessory building, fence, deck, shed, pool, solar panels, etc. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Residential New-Build Application

Complete when planning to construct a new home. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Sign Application

Complete the Sign Application when planning to install a monument, wall, or other variety of signage (temporary or permanent). Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Site Walk Request Form

Requesting that the Zoning Commission hold a public site walk (aka walkabout) meeting, pursuant to Section 2702.01.B of the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Subdivision Zoning Application

Complete this application when planning for a subdivision, lot split, consolidation, or transfer. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Temporary Use Application

When an individual, business, or group wishes to establish a Temporary Use, as defined and regulated by the Township's Zoning Resolution, a permit must first be granted by the Township. Read More
  • Police

Transient Vendor

Genoa Township requires all vendors to register at the Police Station. Each individual who will be going door-to-door must be registered, as opposed to one permit per company. Vendors include those who sell goods, or services door-to-door. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Variance Application

Complete the Variance Application when seeking relief to required zoning regulations such as lot coverage, setbacks, height, non-permitted uses, etc. This application is heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). Read More
  • Maintenance

Work in the Right of Way (ROW)

Work to be performed within the Township right-of-way including driveway ramps, curbs, drains, road work, staging of construction materials in the road, and tree removal must receive advance approval. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Zoning Map Amendment

Request to induce an amendment to the Genoa Township Zoning Map (aka re-zoning). This application is considered by the Zoning Commission and the Board of Trustees. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Zoning Permit Renewal Application

Renewal of expiring Zoning Permit Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Zoning Resolution Amendment Application

Initiating a proposed text amendment(s) to the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution. This application is considered by the Zoning Commission and the Board of Trustees. Read More