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Resolutions & Ordinances

  • Maintenance
  • Police
  • Zoning
  • Police

Barking Dog Resolution

Resolution to control the nuisance of dogs which howl or bark, disturbing the peace and lives of residents.  Read More
  • Police

Noise Resolution

The Noise Resolution regulates noise within Genoa Township.  Read More
  • Police

Resolution to Allow Golf Carts

Before operating a golf cart on an authorized Genoa Township roadway, the vehicle must be inspected by the Genoa Township Police Department. Read More
  • Maintenance

Sidewalk Construction, Repair and Maintenance

Establishes criteria and procedures for the construction, repair and replacement of sidewalks, curbs and gutters in accordance with Ohio Revised Code.  Read More
  • Police

Transient Vendor Resolution

Genoa Township requires all vendors to register at the Police Station. Read More
  • Zoning

Zoning Resolution

The purpose of the Zoning Resolution is to establish laws that implement the recommendations of Genoa Township’s Comprehensive Plan. Read More