Open burning reminder

Open burning reminder
Evenings spent around the camp fire are a favorite summer activity, but before striking a match, review the rules surrounding outdoor recreational and cooking fires as regulated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) summarized below:

• Only clean, dry, seasoned firewood is permitted to be burned.
• Fires must be kept to 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high or smaller.
• Fires are not permitted while an air quality alert is in effect.
• Consult the Genoa Township Fire Department to receive permission prior to scheduling a ceremonial fire, or a fire recognized for horticultural, silviculture, prairie management, invasive species management and wildlife control practices.

Open burning can release many kinds of toxic fumes; even burning leaves and plant material causes millions of spores to be sent aloft. Out of consideration for neighbors with allergies or asthma, please follow all open burning regulations.

Violation of Ohio’s open burning laws can result in substantial penalties. More information on Ohio’s open burning laws can be found at:
or contact the Genoa Township Fire Department at 614-568-2040