Life Saving Awards Presented

Life Saving Awards Presented
Each time a firefighter/paramedic saves a life, the Fire Chief and Board of Trustees pause to share their gratitude.  Most recently the following staff were presented with life saving awards:

  • Brian Daugherty
  • Dan Lundy
  • Ian Fellers
  • Kyle Koehler
  • Christopher Minnear
Residents also play an important role in the "chain of survival" (Activation of Emergency Response, Immediate CPR,  EMS, Early Defibrillation) for patients.  Calling 911 and beginning CPR until paramedics arrive increases the chances of survival for patients.

It is for everyone to know how to perform hands only CPR.  Contact the fire station at 614-568-2040 to attend a CPR class, which are offered free to individuals and groups.