Election Results

Election Results
• Election of two individuals to the Genoa Township Board of
Result: Karl Gebhardt and Connie Goodman

• Preservation Park District of Delaware County proposed tax
levy renewal and increase.
Result: Passed

• State Issue 1 proposes a constitutional amendment to
expand the rights of crime victims and require that they be
protected as vigorously as the rights of the accused.
Result: Passed

• State Issue 2 proposes a requirement that state agencies not
pay more for prescription drugs than the federal Department
of Veterans Affairs and requires state payment of attorney fees
and expenses to specific individuals for defense of the law.
Result: Failed

• Big Walnut Local School District bond issue and tax levy for
those residents living within the district boundaries.
Result: Passed

Visit the Delaware County Board of Elections website at
www.delawareboe.org to view official results.