Road & Bridge Levy on Ballot

Road & Bridge Levy on Ballot
As residents head to the polls on Tuesday morning, November 5th,
they will decide upon a replacement and increase in the Township
Road and Bridge Levy. Snow plowing, repairing cracks and potholes, repaving, repairing drainage basins and upkeep of ADA ramps along 367 local roads amounting to more than 90 miles (shown in blue on the map above) are examples of the work paid for with revenue produced by the Roads Levy.

Property owners can expect to pay a total of $6.125 per month ($73.50 annually) per $100,000 valuation should the levy pass. The owner of an average Genoa Township home valued by the Delaware County Auditor at $320,000 can expect to pay an increase of $9.34 per month over the current rate. Annually $2,270,770 would be available as a result of the 1.1 mill replacement and the 1 mill increase levy to pay staff and buy equipment, and materials to maintain our local road network.

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