Election 2020

Unofficial results from the Delaware County Board of Elections show each of the following township levies have passed.  
police levy title 2

revised mills police

Reduced regular 5-year renewal (4.2 mills)

Cost savings related to Township-funded medical insurance premiums and reduced workers' compensation expenses have resulted in budget carryover. Chief Gammill presented several budget options to the Board of Trustees who chose one capable of continuing the present, high level of service.  


revised mills fire
Reduced regular 5-year renewal (5.3 mills)

The Fire Department operated efficiently and implemented an innovative billing program to capture revenue from insurance companies for medical transportation services. These efforts have made it possible to maintain all existing resident services with a reduction in the regular operating levy.

revised new mills
 New (transferred savings) 3-year (.6 mills)

Park funding is not presently guaranteed in the General Fund. This proposed levy uses the savings from police and fire to dedicate consistent investment in parks. A new “Parks & Trails Master Plan” has been adopted to guide improvements should voters approve this measure.


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Did the levies pass?

Will passing the levies make taxes go up?

How much does each individual levy cost a property owner?

Why reduce funding to emergency services (Police, Fire and EMS)?

How does the new police station and the police levy relate to one another?

Why are three levies on the ballot at the same time and during the Covid-19 pandemic?

How will the levies be described on the ballot?

How have parks been funded in the past?

How does our current parks spending compare to similar townships?

How would parks levy funds be spent?

How was the Fire Department able to supplement their budget with additional revenue?