Park Properties

In addition to Genoa Township parks (shown in blue on the interactive map below), residents enjoy many recreational pursuits such as boating, golf, hiking, and more at nearby facilities that are not owned or operated by Genoa Township.
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Center Green Park

Three pickleball courts, one basketball court, trails, a gazebo with outdoor grills and picnic tables, restroom, playground (with ADA accessible surfacing) including a parent-child swing, fishing pond, Little Free Library, and an athletic field. Read More

Freeman Farm

Opening in 2025 Read More

Freeman Road Park

Two playgrounds, sandpit excavation toy, athletic fields, basketball courts (adult and children's sized hoops) and a 1/3 mile loop trail featuring a 'Born Learning Trail' Read More

Gateway Park

The Park features bike parking, chess/checkers board tables, and swinging benches. Nearby parking is not owned by Genoa Township. Read More

Hilmar Park

Park amenities include a fishing pond, gazebo with outdoor grills and picnic tables, playground (with partial ADA accessible surfacing), restroom, basketball court and 1/4 mile loop "Story Trail" in partnership with Westerville Public Library.  Read More

Jaycox Park

Seasonally open for sledding and cross-country skiing.  Read More

McNamara Park

Historic barn, township hall, trails, access Ohio to Erie Trail, shelter house, playground Read More

Township Hall Park

Basketball Court, picnic tables, grills, civic-themed playground equipment for young children. Read More

Worthington Gardens

Local sports teams use Worthington Road Park for its practice fields, but the park's primary function is to serve as a community garden with plots available for rental. There is a restroom available year-round. Read More