Citizen's Fire Academy

Citizen's Fire Academy
The purpose of the Citizen's Fire Academy is to inform and educate through practical participation, responsibilities and operations of the Fire Department. Participants discover how the Fire Department prepares for and responds to emergencies as well as learn how to survive in emergencies. It is not intended to make citizens into firefighters. The experience is educational, fun, and ,at times, challenging.

Upon completion of the program, participants are encouraged to share their knowledge of how the Fire Department operates. The academy fosters a better understanding of the Department's duties, responsibilities, and capabilities in serving the community.

Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age and pass a background check.There is no charge for this course. To be considered for the program, submit an application. Please note that applications must be signed to be accepted.

Session 1: Orientation- March 12, 2018
Session 2: HazMat - March 19, 2018
Session 3: Emergency Medical Services - March 26, 2018
Session 4: Vehicle Extrication - April 2, 2018
Session 5: Fireground Operations - April 9, 2018
Session 6: Search and Rescue - April 16, 2018
Session 7: Emergency Vehicle Operations - April 28, 2018
Session 8: CPR and AED - May 7, 2018
Session 9: Technical Rescue/Ladder Operations - May 14, 2018
Session 10: Water Rescue - May 21, 2018
Session 11: Fire Prevention & Graduation - June 4, 2018

All sessions are held from 7-9:00pm at the Genoa Township Fire Station located at 7049 Big Walnut Road, Galena, Ohio  43021.