Helpful Links

Helpful Links
Organization Duties Phone
Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) Underground utility marking requests and inquiries. Call before you dig!
Delaware County Auditor Taxes, property valuations, property mapping, dog licenses, business licenses, county financing, weights and measures
Mid- Ohio Regional Planning Commission Voluntary association of Central Ohio governments and regional organizations that envisions and embraces innovative directions in transportation, energy, housing, land use, the environment and economic prosperity (614)-228-2663
Delaware County Recorder Indexing documents (740)-833-2460
Delaware County Regional Planning Subdivision approval, growth management systems, planning services, data and mapping to governmental entities relating to land use planning and coordination for activities of regional significance. (740)-833-2261
Delaware General Health District Septic systems, mosquito monitoring, environmental health, vital statistics (740)-368-1700
Delaware County Department of Building Safety Administering and enforcing building and floodplain regulations, both residential and commercial. (740)-833-2200
Delaware County GIS (mapping) Mapping
Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District Stormwater management, drainage, agriculture,  soil survey, conservation easement, educational programs (740)-368-1921
Delaware County Regional Sewer District Sanitary sewer system maintenance, operation, planning, sewage treatment (740)-833-2240
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Air quality, ground and surface water quality, waste management, education,  permitting, inspection, compliance and reporting of hazardous waste sites, clean-up of brownfields (614)-644-3020
Ohio Department of Agriculture Animals, fairs, seed, pest control, dairy, disease diagnostics, enforcement, food safety, meat inspection, pesticide and fertilizer regulation (614)-728-6201
State of Ohio Building Code
Genoa Township Zoning Records search
Ohio Chapter 519: Township Zoning Ohio Revised Code relating to Township Zoning laws