April Fools' Day Fun

Absurd news abounds on April 1st and Genoa Township is in on the fun! Check out our past pranks:

Doctored photo showing alien crop circle message in field
2024: "Upon review of the drone footage from Genoa Township's recent "Bunny Trail" event, a peculiar pattern was discovered sculpted within the field at McNamara Park. Much like crop circles, the pattern appears to be a message of some sort.  Thank you to FAA-licensed drone pilot, Bret Watson, for documenting the event."

QR Code "Crop message" led to www.GenoaTwp.com/AprilFools with this secondary message, "Word is out, Genoa Township is universally known as a great place to live. Alas, aliens haven't landed; April Fools! However, residents should be prepared for the upcoming April 8th celestial spectacle."

building is moved with police escort
2023:  During last night's storm, a strong gust of wind picked up old township hall and moved it back to the corner of Tussic and Big Walnut Road where it started like a scene out of Wizard of Oz! We've called the movers to return and help set it back on its foundation at McNamara Park.

doctored photo of barn painted with image of dog
2022: "The paint collected from residents this Saturday will be used for a new barn mural to honor Rocky for being the Township's goodest boy (as shown in design rendering). Rocky is our Police Department's new therapy dog."

Doctored photo of bulldozer lifting enormous walnut from construction site.
2019: "As the site of Genoa Township Police Department's new building was being prepped for construction, crews unearthed a fossil of the legendary big walnut for which Big Walnut Road was named. The fossil will be transported to the Ohio History Center in Columbus for further study."

nessy sighting - Copy
2018: "Cryptozoologists have been studying drone footage a resident submitted from last summer of an unusual creature surfacing in Hoover Reservoir. Pay extra attention to your surroundings this boating season and always wear a life jacket."