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 Zoning Resolution and Map

Since 1952, Genoa Township has utilized a locally adopted Zoning Resolution to provide for orderly devleopment and use of land in the township and to protect the public health, safety and welfare of township residents. The Zoning Resolution identifies the intents and purposes of adopted regulations, defines zoning terms, creates zoning districts, establishes which uses are and are not permitted in each district, sets forth dimensional requirements for each district, and describes administrative and enforcement procedures related to zoning. The color-coordinated Zoning Map illustrates the specific zoning district classification for each parcel within the Township. 




Article 1 - Administration

Article 2 - Responsibilities of the Zoning Commission and Trustees

Article 3 - Responsibilities of the Board of Zoning Appeals

Article 4 - Definitions

Article 5 - Establishment of Districts and Map

Article 6 - Rural Residential District (RR)

Article 7 - Planned Rural Residential Conservation District (PRRCD)

Article 8 - Suburban Residential District (SR)

Article 9 - Planned Residential District (PRD)

Article 10 - Lower-Density Planned Residential District (PRD-V)

Article 11 - Community Business District (CB)

Article 12 - Planned Commercial and Office District (PCD)

Article 13 - Planned Industrial and Warehouse District (PID)

Article 14 - Planned Community Facilities District (PCF)

Article 15 - Light Industrial District (LI)

Article 16 - General Development Standards

Article 17 - Special and Miscellaneous Uses

Article 18 - Sign Standards

Article 19 - Parking Standards

Article 20 - Landscape Standards

Article 21 - Lighting Standards

Article 22 - Utilities

Article 23 - Reserved

Article 24 - Reserved

Article 25 - Non-Conformities

Article 26 - Amendments

Appendix - Genoa Township History of Zoning & Planning