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 Development & Zoning

The purpose of Zoning is to guide and regulate the planning, subdividing, and development of land within the Township in order to promote and protect the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of residents, businesses, and the Township as a whole. Among other things, zoning; cannot enforce private deed restrictions, cannot restrict or regulate land ownership, cannot adjudicate disputes between two private parties, cannot regulate use of public right-of-ways, and cannot outright prohibit or unreasonably restrict development or use of property. General land use, development, and zoning policy guidelines are established in the COMPREHENSIVE PLAN while specific zoning regulations for Genoa Township, as well as the zoning desgination of each property within the Township, can be found in the GENOA TOWNSHIP ZONING RESOLUTION.
The authority for Township's to enact and enforce zoning, as well as the restrictions to said power, are primarily established within and derived from Title 5, Chapter 519 of the Ohio Revised Code. Genoa Township enacted zoning for properties east of Tussic Street Road in 1951. Zoning for properties west of Tussic Street Road was enacted in 1956. These resolutions were revised in 1969 and 1971, respectively. The Zoning Resolutions of these two areas were combined into one, single Zoning Resolution covering the entire Township in 1987. The current Resolution was last amended in 2013.
Zoning Permits, Fees, Calendars, and Resources
Residents must first obtain a zoning permit from the Township before; developing, subdividing, establishing a use, or beginning any work on their property. This includes, but may not be limited to, the construction of; buildings, building additions, accessory structures, decks, attached patios, pools, or fences. Residents may also be required to obtain additional permits from other Township, County, or State agencies prior to such work. Building permits are issued by Delaware County Code Compliance. Zoning applications, fee amounts, and other zoning-related information, including; a Residential Zoning Guide, meeting calendars, and links to helpful resources, can be found
Zoning Appeals
Applications for variances, administrative appeals, and conditional uses are made to, reviewed by, and decided by, the Genoa Township Board of Zoning Appeals. Development and Zoning staff does not have the ability to grant relief to any requirement of the Zoning Resolution or Final Development Plan. The Development and Zoning office is also prohibited from provding legal advice on such matters.
Re-Zoning and Development
Applications for re-zonings and final development plans require a recommendation from the Township's Zoning Commission and approval by the Township's Board of Trustees. Amendments to final development plans are reviewed by the Zoning Commission and may require approval by the Board of Trustees.
Subdivisions, Lot Splits, Lot Consolidations, and Lot Transfers
While subdivisions, lot splits, lot consolidations, and lot transfers must comply with Township zoning, such processes are administrated by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC). Information about how to complete such processes can be found HERE. Questions about the process should be directed to DCRPC. Questions about zoning requirements may be directed to the Development and Zoning office.
Data and Statistics
Population, demographic, and other statistical data related to development and zoning can be found on the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission's (DCRPC) WEBSITE. Information on current projects being constructed within the Township can be found HERE.
Looking for something else?
  • Zoning records can be searched for online HERE
  • Zoning-related complaints and suspected zoning violations can be reported using the contact information above.

  • The Township's Noise Resolution is enforced by the Genoa Township Police Department and can be found HERE.

  • Road improvement plans and road construction are typically the responsibility of the Township's Department of Maintenance, Delaware County Engineering, and/or the Ohio Department of Transportation (District 6). Information about road plans and projects can typically be obtained from one of those entities.

  • Information about the Township's parks and trails can be found HERE.


‚ÄčJoe Shafer
Director of Development and Zoning (Zoning Inspector)
Susan Dorsch
Permit and Compliance Inspector (Deputy Zoning Inspector)

Zoning Office - (614)899-0725
Admin. Office - (614)895-1126
Zoning Office - (614)882-7143
Admin. Office - (614)895-1255

M - F, 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Closed holidays, please see the Genoa Calendar for specific dates and additional information