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 Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Who do I contact about missed trash pickup or any another trash related questions?
A:  Please contact Rumpke Waste & Recycling at 1-888-786-7531 or .
Q:  What holidays will my trash be delayed by one day? 
A:  Rumpke observes the following holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Q:  Where can I get an additional or replacement recycling bin?
A:  Additional or replacement bins can be obtained from the Genoa Township Maintenance Building located within the Safety Service Complex at 7049 Big Walnut Road (beyond the fire and police stations, right before the entrance to McNamara Park).
Q:  Where can I find additional information on recycling?
A:  Genoa Township residents have many options for recycling.  See our RECYCLING page for more information.
Q:  Where do you buy the green house number signs? 
A:  The green signs with reflective numbers can be purchased from the Genoa Township Administration office.  They are $10.00 a piece.
Q:  Do we have to pay income tax to Genoa Township? 
A:  No, there is no income tax in Genoa Township.
Q:  Who do we call if there is an obstruction in the road such as a tree or dead animal? 
A:  Call the Genoa Township Maintenance Department (614) 568-2080.  If the problem is on a Delaware County maintained roadway call (740) 833-2400.  If the problem occurs after hours for either of our roads please call 911 and the dispatcher will forward your call to the appropriate agency.
Q:  What do we do if there is a property in our neighborhood that has high grass and weeds? 
A:  Please contact our Zoning office at or (614) 899-0725 if you would like to report a nuisance property. 
Q:  Why does the road crew plow cul-de-sacs last? 
A:  The Township Maintenance Department has over 90 miles of streets to plow in the winter.  Many of our streets are 36 feet wide and require multiple plow passes to clear the snow.  The main roads and bus routes have to be cleared first leaving the cul-de-sacs secondary. 
Q:  Can we rent the Township Hall? 
A:  Yes, the hall is available to rent if you are a Genoa Township resident.  The hall is great for small parties and family functions.  The cost is $100 for the rent and a refundable $100 deposit.  Please call our administration office at (614) 895-1126 for details and availability.
Q:  What are the safety forces non-emergency phone numbers? 
A:  The police non-emergency number is (614) 568-2060, and the fire department non-emergency phone number is (614) 568-2040.  For emergencies call 911!
Q:  What is the sign that looks like a railroad marker that is along the new section of the Genoa Township trail? 
A:  Our bike trail that runs parallel to State Route 3 and splits off north of Lewis Center Road was constructed on the old Pennsylvania Railroad property.  The railroad bed in Genoa Township has been converted into a bike/walking trail.  It is now part of the Ohio to Erie Rail Trail.  The Ohio to Erie Trail starts in Cincinnati along the Ohio River, and extends northeast through Columbus and eventually on to Lake Erie in Cleveland. It extends roughly 325 miles.  The sign that appears on our trail is a reminder of that old railroad.
Q:  Can I burn brush in Genoa Township
A:  Burning is very limited by the Ohio EPA.  The burning of brush, leaves and construction debris is not permitted for most locations within the Township.  Permitted fires include recreational and cooking fires that are smaller than 3x3x3. 
Q:  Can I get a fire truck to my child's birthday party or other event?
A:  Our firefighters are always willing to help celebrate special occations provided they do not interfere with their duties as firefighters.  Please call the fire station at (614) 568-2040 for more information.
Q:  Do you do Child Car Seat checks?
A:  Car seat checks are provided by Delaware County Health department.  More information can be obtained by contacting them at (740) 368-1700.  More information on car seat checks is available at