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 Zoning Commission

The Zoning Commission (ZC) consists of five regular members and two alternate members who are citizens of the Township, appointed by the Township Trustees to make recommendations regarding future zoning and development.
The Zoning Commission holds regular monthly public meetings to review and decide applications. These hearings are conducted at the Township Hall, located at 5111 South Old 3C Highway.  The Commission may approve, deny or recommend modifications of an application to the Board of Trustees for their final determination, except as otherwise provided in the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution.
Current applications pending before the board can be found under the Genoa Calendar on the homepage.  Files are attached to the meeting and can be accessed by clicking on the meeting.  
Mark Antonetz March 31, 2018
Sandra Faulkner March 31, 2020
​Bill Jackson March 31, 2021
David Leff, Alternate March 31, 2019
Tara Paciorek March 31, 2022
Shawn Priebe March 31, 2019
Jill Rudler, Alternate March 31, 2018
If you are a Township resident and are interested in serving on the Zoning Commission, please submit a completed APPLICATION to the Township Administrator.
Please direct correspondence to the Zoning Commission to:
Joe Shafer
Director of Development and Zoning
P: (614)899-0725
5111 S. Old 3C Hwy.
Westerville OH 43082